How to Derestrict an Electric Bike [A Definitive Guide]

how to derestrict an electric bike

Electric bikes were created to serve as an alternative means of transportation to standard bikes. The primary purpose back then was to invent a fun mode of transportation that would not only help you reach your destination more quickly but also eliminate the need to pedal. E-bikes are paired with an electric motor system that … Read more

How Far Can an Electric Bike Go on One Charge?

How far can an electric bike go on one charge

An electric bike is designed to reduce the dependency on gasoline-powered vehicles, and replace the need for personal cars or public transport when a person has to travel within a city. On average, most electric bikes can offer 22 to 50 miles of range; however, some expensive modern electric bikes are designed to cover more … Read more

Is an Electric Bike Worth It or Not?

Is an Electric Bike Worth It or Not

Ever since the global introduction of electric bikes, the quality and convenience of everyday travel for many people have completely transformed. These electric bikes are much faster than regular bikes, and they also save a lot of transportation costs that people would otherwise have to spend on public buses, trains, or taxis. Moreover, an electric … Read more

Buying an eBike: What Size Electric Bike Do I Need?

What Size Electric Bike Do I Need

What size electric bike do I need? With so many ebikes out there, there is bound to be one perfect for you. But which of the thousands of iterations and models is it? If you’re just getting started, consider a few factors before buying one. Factors to Consider When Choosing eBike Size One of these … Read more

How Electric Bike Motor Works [Complete guide]

How Electric Bike Motor Works

When was the last time you stopped to think about how an electric bike motor works? The mechanical engineering concepts that power the traditional car also apply to electric bike motors. The only difference is the power source. How eBike Motors Work: Electric and Magnetic Fields It has to do with electric fields and magnetic … Read more

How Do Electric Bikes Without Pedals Work?

How Do Electric Bikes Without Pedals Work

Within the brief period of their release, electric bikes have taken the world by storm. With the global market expected to reach 40,000 million USD in the coming decade, the electric bike industry will continue to play a pivotal role in revolutionizing everyday urban commute.  There are usually two kinds of electric bikes available in … Read more

Electric Mountain Bike with Fat Tires

Electric Mountain Bike with Fat Tires

If you’re a fan of adventure and the outdoors, you must be well acquainted with mountain biking. Electric mountain bikes have changed the game in the last few years and have greatly improved the mountain biking experience. With an electric-powered bike, the ride becomes a lot easier and faster, and you can go on biking … Read more

Are eBike Batteries Universal?

Are eBike Batteries Universal

Electric bike batteries can be rather confusing for beginners. Particularly because people work with batteries in every facet of their life. These batteries will be used for a range of applications – almost universally. These batteries are swappable, disposable, and interchangeable. In theory, any battery from your local store should work on your ebike. Unfortunately, … Read more

How to Start an Electric Bike Without a Key [6 Ways]

How to Start an Electric Bike Without a Key

Electric bikes are the newest introduction in the growing world of urban transportation. Following electric vehicles, electric bikes are very popular amongst people who have daily commutes and prefer fitness over anything. Why choose a regular bike when an e-bike is faster, more reliable, economical, and easier to use than an electric car. However, one … Read more