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My name is Matthew. After completing grad school, I established myself as a successful engineer in one of America’s most innovative cities, Seattle, Washington. While finding a solid footing in his career and life, I wanted to make positive changes to optimize his quality of life.

So, I made a decision to commit to living a healthier life – and an electric bike, or e-bike, was a huge component for how to choose to do it. Seattle is a progressive town that encourages green living, sustainability, and wellness.

In a city full of people always looking for ways to improve their health, bikes are very popular. So, e-bikes caught my attention almost immediately. I knew it was the perfect choice for me.

Here are a few reasons why my love for electric bikes is everlasting!

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My Electric Bike

I spend many of my weekends taking in the gorgeous scenery around Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is full of beautiful mountain ranges. Electric bikes are wonderful traveling tools, especially when navigating hilly or mountainous terrain.

These bikes are known to give a boost to their riders, permitting strain-free upward mobility to help them get through elevated spaces with ease.

Of course, it’s up to the rider. E-bikes provide the option to either drive manually or use the assistance of the motor. Either way, electric bikes have options that traditional bikes don’t.

Another thing that is important to me is protecting the environment. Electric bikes are a great way to go green. Instead of guzzling gas like a typical car, I can just charge his electric bike and hit the road whenever I want. That electric mode gives me the ability to travel long distances. With my e-bike, I don’t have to worry about gas, pollution, or commuting headaches.

I like to get where I need to go with ease. Using his e-bike, I can navigate smaller passages, such as alleys and sidewalks. That is something a car CANNOT (and should not) do, but an electric bike certainly can. So, my trips are stress-free. I can get where I want to go and help the environment at the same time.

Electric bikes also give different options for traveling. Based on the e-bike, he can decide how he wants to roll through town. For example, if I want a productive cardio session, I can simply put the electric bike into normal bike mode.

If I want to press for time or want to just cruise, I can rev up the electric motor and let that propel the bike. If I want to be somewhere in between those modes, I can choose to use a bit of both modes at the same time.

I also like having choices. With a standard bike, travel is very binary. With electric bikes, the choice is wide open to the rider. More choices typically equal more freedom and e-bikes are the key to that liberation.

Electric bikes also give me the choice of how fast I want to go. Electric bikes aren’t slouching when it comes to speed. Many electric bikes can put some serious miles on the road or pavement because their mph is faster than standard bikes.

So, on days that I have to be somewhere at a certain time, an e-bike is a smart choice because it can travel fast.

On the other hand, e-bikes are great for taking a pleasant trek at a slow pace, too. So, when I have to spare time on a beautiful day, breaking out an e-bike is an excellent vehicle for taking in the sights.

Whether I am in a hurry or just want a relaxing ride, an electric bike allows me to have a choice.

I believe that one of the most obvious reasons that e-bikes are great is because it is a cost-effective investment. Electric bikes don’t drain or exhaust bank accounts. Compared to how much people spend on gas during a given week, electric bikes are rechargeable. Easier transportation that costs a lot less? That is a very sweet benefit worth noting.

Part of why I want to inform the masses of the wonder of electric bikes is so that people know how to make the right choice. These days, consumers have endless options regarding what kind of electric bike they want to be based on function, availability, and affordability.

However, figuring out what bike to choose can be tricky. That is what this whole site is about. Helping people pick the best possible electric bike for them.

On this site, I provide consumers with invaluable information about electric bikes. Anyone can visit to learn about new e-bikes on the market, the best electric bikes, electric bike reviews, different attributes of e-bikes, how to outfit electric bikes, including things like cargo holders, carrying racks, and other accessories. If it pertains to or relates to electric bikes, this is the definitive site for all the information you need.

It is vital that anyone in the market for an e-bike understands what bikes are best for them and I am here to help you do that.

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