What Are Electric Bike Classes and Why Do They Matter?

Electric bike classes

Selecting a new electric bike is about more than just choosing which bike frame you prefer and what features you need in your electric bike. Instead, when buying an electric bike, the most important task is to check the regional laws of your country or state to get familiar with which electric bike classes are … Read more

How Often to Service Electric Bike [Complete Guide]

How Often to Service Electric Bike

Electric bikes are becoming a popular mode of transport and enjoyment among people. In 2020, more than four hundred thousand in the United States alone. But to own an electric bike, you should also know how often to service electric bikes. Like regular bikes, electric bikes need regular maintenance and service to make sure they … Read more

How Far Can a 500-Watt Electric Bike Go on One Charge?

how far can a 500-watt electric bike go on one charge

In the current era of global warming and rising GHG emissions, the introduction of electric bikes has offered the world an alternate mode of travel that is eco-friendly, less costly, and highly convenient. Although most electric bikes are expensive two-wheeled automobiles, you can buy a relatively cheaper e-bike by choosing a lower wattage electric bike. … Read more

What is the Fastest Electric Bike You Can Buy?

Fastest Electric Bike You Can Buy

Do you want to buy an electric bike? Do you want one that goes faster than any other? Electric bikes have become one of the most popular modes of transportation. With their assisted pedaling, biking is more manageable, and you can also travel further. They don’t have an age restriction either. It’s enjoyable for people … Read more

How Fast is a 3000-Watt Electric Bike?

How Fast is a 3000 Watt Electric Bike

People have made electric bikes a major part of their everyday travel. From riding to school to going on a high-speed mountain trail ride, there is nothing an electric bike isn’t being used for. While some people need a simple electric bike to run their everyday errands, others prefer owning a high-speed 3000-Watt electric bike … Read more

Can You Convert a Regular Bike to an Electric Bike?

Can you convert a regular bike to an electric bike

It is hard to match the kind of convenience and benefits an electric bike can offer. Hence, you are not alone if you are dying to get your hands on one. We are, too. However, the high purchase price of a modern electric bike makes its affordability almost impossible for some people. Luckily, this does … Read more

How Fast is a 1500 Watts Electric Bike?

How Fast is a 1500 Watts Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the first-ever two-wheeled automobiles in history that have managed to reduce the dependency on gasoline-powered personal cars and public transport. An electric bike’s remarkable range, high speed, and green technology make it an excellent mode of transportation for people traveling within a city. Some electric bikes, such as the 1500-Watt e-bike, are … Read more

Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

Ranger R1 Electric City Bike

Electric bikes are a step into the future – they have improved our lives, making it easier for us to ride through the busy streets, roads, and terrains in minutes. These rechargeable bikes can travel more than your regular bike and don’t even require fuel; thus, less money and more savings. You get to your … Read more

TurboaAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike

TurboaAnt Thunder T1 Electric Bike

Known for its fat tires and exceptional all-terrain ride, the Thunder T1 electric bike is the ideal choice for a smooth ride around the city, climbing uphill or spending the day on rocky mountain trails and everything else in between. It is known to be unbeatable for the price. Offering you much more than a … Read more

Can You Put an Electric Bike on a Bike Rack?

Can you put an electric bike on a bike rack

Taking an electric bike with you on a trip is always a great idea. You can plan e-bike riding adventures with your friends and explore different cities while you ride your e-bike through the streets. While there are multiple ways to transport an electric bike, mounting it on bike racks is one of the most … Read more