What is the Fastest Electric Mountain Bike?

Fastest Electric Mountain Bike

When one starts talking about the fastest electric mountain bike, which specific trait of a bike are they talking about exactly? Are they talking about the e-bike with the highest top speed? The one that has the most acceleration? Or are they simply looking for an e-bike that’s easy to maneuver at those high speeds? … Read more

Electric Mountain Bike with Fat Tires

Electric Mountain Bike with Fat Tires

If you’re a fan of adventure and the outdoors, you must be well acquainted with mountain biking. Electric mountain bikes have changed the game in the last few years and have greatly improved the mountain biking experience. With an electric-powered bike, the ride becomes a lot easier and faster, and you can go on biking … Read more

How Fast Are Electric Mountain Bikes?

How Fast Are Electric Mountain Bikes

The speed at which a regular bike can go relies mainly on the force you exert on the pedal. You can be fast or slow – it mostly depends on the effort you’re willing to put in. You are in full control of speed, which is why you can easily navigate through the trickiest of … Read more

Electric Mountain Bike vs. Dirt Bike

Electric Mountain Bike vs Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes also called off-road motorbikes and Motocross/Supercross bikes, have been a favorite among off-road riding enthusiasts and professional racers for decades. Electric mountain bikes are a relatively recent phenomenon and, so far, the riding community remains divided about their suitability for off-road trails. As with anything, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of both … Read more

How Long Does an Electric Mountain Bike Battery Last?

how long will electric mountain bike’s battery last?

Every functioning system, be it living or non-living, relies heavily on the performance of one major component. For us, it is our heart. For an electric mountain bike, it is its battery. Whether you want to ride your electric bikes uphill or use them for your daily commute to work, your plans circle back to … Read more