Are Electric Bikes Safe?

Are Electric Bikes Safe

Electric bikes are safer than you might think. They have several advantages over traditional bicycles and motorized scooters, but they also come with some safety risks that you should know before buying one. The article below will detail everything you need to know about electric bike safety. Electric Bikes Safety Risks Electric bikes are often … Read more

What Is Pedal Assist Electric Bike and How it Works

What is a pedal-assist electric bike

When you think of electric bikes, you might think of the large, clunky versions that people use for commuting. However, there is another type of electric bike – the pedal assist electric bike. This is a smaller and more lightweight bike that still has an electric motor to help you out when pedaling. So, what … Read more

Powering Ahead: Charging Your Ancheer Electric Bike – And More

How to Charge an Ancheer Electric Bike

Wondering how to charge an Ancheer electric bike? It’s easy. Your e-bike’s controller box has slots to connect the charger. Simply plug-in the provided charger into the main outlet. Connect the charger to the slot and switch on the plug to begin charging. Most models of Ancheer require you to keep the battery on the … Read more

How Heavy is an Electric Bike?

How Heavy is an Electric Bike

The average ebike weighs just shy of 55 pounds. This number takes both type and model of the ebike into account. As a general rule, the more features your electric bike has, the more it will weigh. For example, fatter tires and more battery capacity will increase the weight by several pounds. Keep reading to … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Bike

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Bike

The world is changing and becoming more environmentally friendly; many are shifting to electric bikes to reduce their carbon footprint. The ability to get around while remaining socially distanced from other people is one of the main reasons behind the explosive growth of electric bikes. Just like yourself, every rider is interested to learn more about the cost of charging … Read more

Can I Leave My Ebike On Charge Overnight?

Can I Overcharge An E-Bike Battery

E-bikes are convenient and immensely beneficial to the users. And it’s not surprising that they’re rising in fame across the globe. An e-bike is costly to replace because of its expensive parts. And if you want long-term returns on your investment, you must take great care of your electric bike, including its primary component: the … Read more

How Fast is an 1000w Electric Bike?

How Fast Does a 1000w Electric Bike Go

Electric Bikes have helped the world step into the future of convenient commuting. Their global popularity has contributed to almost $40,312 million in sales in 2019. It’s safe to assume that it will continue to grab people’s attention, compelling them into buying one. When buying an electric bike, you have many different options to choose … Read more

How Fast Can You Go On An E-Bike?

How Fast Can You Go On An E-Bike

A regular bicycle is a great way to stay fit. It also keeps the environment pollution-free. But when it comes to actual commuting, it isn’t a practical option. Why? Because it tires you out too soon! You are likely to be soaked in sweat by the time you reach your destination. This is why electric … Read more

How Long Does an Electric Mountain Bike Battery Last?

how long will electric mountain bike’s battery last?

Every functioning system, be it living or non-living, relies heavily on the performance of one major component. For us, it is our heart. For an electric mountain bike, it is its battery. Whether you want to ride your electric bikes uphill or use them for your daily commute to work, your plans circle back to … Read more

How to Transport an Electric Bike – [Complete Guide]

How to Transport an Electric Bike

Electric bikes have helped the world take a step into the future of convenient, environmentally-friendly commuting. Their clean technology makes them great for running errands and leisurely cruising short distances. They can easily be loaded into most cars or tied onto luggage racks, thanks to their intelligent designs. This easy transportability makes them even more … Read more